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We can prepare your monthly/quarterly/yearly management accounts which will include a profit and loss account showing the current month and year to date figures, a balance sheet (if applicable), and detailed ledger listings detailing how much you have spent and received.

Our clients have found that the management accounts have enabled them to see an up-to-date view of their business. They can see the areas that they have over or under spent, look at their profit to date, and most importantly take a look at how much profit there is to pay tax on.

Management accounts are especially important if you are a company Director that takes dividends from the company. For a dividend to be legal there must be retained profit after corporation tax, and the only way to know that is to have accounts that can tell you!

We cannot count the number of times that clients have come to us having purchased an expensive piece of accountancy or bookkeeping software only to find that they do not have the time to learn how to use it, let alone do all their bookkeeping with it! The same problem also occurs with online bookkeeping software where our client is paying a monthly subscription and then never actually gets the time to use to service. Calipsus will take care of this, all we require is for you to put all of your paperwork in an envelope or folder of some sort and send it over to us. We can provide your final accounts in both hard copy and online via electronic document service.
Below are some of the more specific things we will do :

  • Process all of your supplier invoices and employee expenses, and, using invoice due reports, gently remind you when your bills need to be paid.

  • Process all of your sales invoices. And, as it’s in our best interests to look after yours, we’ll also help you to identify your best customers as well as those who never pay on time.

  • Create your payroll journals and bank payment files, taking the pain out of paying your bills.

  • Reconcile your books to the money in your bank account each month, giving you the confidence that when there’s a problem you’ll always be the first to know.

  • Regular reconciliation of bank accounts to ensure that money going in and out on the system agrees to what is actually happening in your real bank account

  • Reviewing customer payments owing and accounting for payment in advance of goods and services

  • Reviewing supplier payments due and accounting for goods/services received but for which payment has not been made

  • Helping ensure that any loans or hire purchase agreements are appropriately treated

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